The guide to the italian Producers of olive oil
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Production of olive oil

Italy is the second largest producer in Europe and worldwide olive oil production with a national average of over 464 000 tons, two thirds of the virgin and as many as 41 DOP and IGP 1 recognized by the European Union. In Italy the olive is diffused of about 1 million hectares in the main crop and a slightly lower surface of cultured secondary, subsidiary or other crops with tree species (vines, citrus, almond, etc..). As for the olive elevation areas is widespread in the mountains for 2%, 53% in the hills and 44% in the plains. For the characteristics of the plant, which requires a mild climate, the cultivation of olives in Italy is very common in central regions (19%) and South (77.9%), while the north is more limited production (2%) - but growing - particularly focusing on some areas more temperate microclimate, such as Liguria, or the hilly areas around Lake Garda. The plants are about 170 million in production and farms olives are dealing with more than 1,000,000, so the average areas under cultivation are the order of about 1 hectare, reflecting the extreme land fragmentation.

The view of Italian Manufacturers of olive oil is multifaceted, rich and nuanced. Each producer is characterized by a uniqueness that comes from the use of cultivar, extraction, processing, different quantities of product.

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