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Olive mills

The traditional oil mill was a structure, usually vertically developed, suitable for the processing of olives into oil. The local superior, said 'olivaio', was destined to receive the olives. Using gravity, the olives went from olivaio to the room below, the 'frantoio'. In the oil mill took place the main stages of processing, milling and extraction. The room below, the 'Oliaro', was used for the oil clarification and storage. The Modern oil mills, with the introduction of mechanical handling equipment, do not require a vertical structure. They are usually organized on a single plane, unless the local storage is sometimes placed on the lower floor. The oil mill continues today, though improperly, to be called a 'frantoio'.

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Our taggiasche olives are cold pressed in a traditional frantoio in in an ancient frantoio in Rocchetta Nervina that still use the mill stone. The Taggiasca oil Cuvea is cold extracted and completely natural because it i ...>>>
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