The guide to the italian Producers of olive oil
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Extra virgin olive oil, bag in box 5 litri olio extravergine 100% pugliese (628)

bag in box 5 litri olio extravergine 100% pugliese
Extravirgin Olive Oil
Lt. 545.00
amaro fruttato piccante

The extra-virgin olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of selected olives, hand -picked when they get to the ringht point of ripeness. The olive used are of two varieties, typical of the Bari area: the "Cima di Bitonto" also called Ogliarola or local and the "Coratina", smashed immediately after the collection by mill stones made of granite coming from Monte Rosa. The result of the wise combination of these two varieties is the delicate, fruity and tasty Pappalardo oil. It is particularly appropriate for fried food and for dressings. It is not filtered; therefore its being thick and moderately muddy is a natural feature which does not spoil its taste, indeed it highlights its virginity. The extra-virgin olive oil is a basic ingredient in the preparation of chopped and fried cardoncelli mushrooms as well as the chief dressing of our salads, boiled vegetables, soups of legumes, boiled fish and mostly of the so-called "Cialledde", a typical dish of Altamura prepared with bread