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Frantoio Oleario Guglielmi Saverio, Story

Andria. Puglia. Post-World War II. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, rebuild the rubble. To be spiritually reborn thanks to the work. Willpower is not lacking. In those years, Saverio, the forefather, was the one who placed the first brick of the mill, of what has become today the activity of Olio Guglielmi, a continuously evolving company. Thanks to Grandfather Saverio, a whole family is born, an “Extra virgin olive oil family “. Sons and nephews are dedicated to the cultivation of 160 hectares of olive groves, to olives harvesting and milling for producing a “genuinely” excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Frantoio Oleario Guglielmi Saverio    P.I. 03401970722