The guide to the italian Producers of olive oil
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The best extra virgin olive oil purchased and received directly from the producer without brokerage business.
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Extra virgin olive oil (8)

Note Cheff have used our oil to produce a tasty ice cream and oil for seasoning, raw, fragrant dishes of cereals. ...>>>
Terre di Zefiro is an intense limpid yellow colour with light green hues. Its aroma is ample and elegant, with hues of wild artichoke and notes of almond. Its taste mellow and fine, with fragrant hues of basil, m ...>>>
The Company Marostica Hills produces extra virgin olive oil certified organic in Marostica , Province of Vicenza. The cultivars are the characteristics of this charming town of Veneto's foothills which enjoys a special ...>>>
The Company Maglio produces two different types of extra virgin olive oil. My love is a virgin cold pressed with a more delicate flavor, bitter and spicy medium. My love enucleatum is a virgin cold pressed obtained by ...>>>
Our oil is the result of a very special blend of olives. The climatic conditions (cold winter temperatures and exposure to winds) have forced the cultivation of some particular varieties in this area; the blend of the Ca ...>>>
The trimming phase is made every year from expert persons and they make sure to get the perfect balance between the roots and the greenery. A strong attention is put towards the environment and health, in fact the usage ...>>>
Distinguished native varieties such as Cellina di Nardo (also used in cakes) Salento Ogliarola, Leccina and Coratina are carefully selected to create harmonious blending of olive oil or monovarieties with excellent organ ...>>>