The guide to the italian Producers of olive oil
Olive Oil
The best extra virgin olive oil purchased and received directly from the producer without brokerage business.
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Frantoio Oleario Guglielmi Saverio, Farm

Since 1954 we take care of our olive trees. My family has been producing extra virgin olive oil from our own olives for over 60 years. Today we continue to innovate this story, keeping firm the roots of Apulia’s oil culture thanks to technological change. Olio Guglielmi has an ever changing story. Our extra virgin olive oil is never born “by chance”. It’s a result of a series of concepts, actions and objectives. It comes from olives, but not from any olives. They are carefully selected, protected and preserved. It is the result of a winning combination of our fathers ‘knowledge and the most revolutionary innovation. It is given by our family recipe, because oil is not born only from a mechanical process, it comes first from our heart.

Frantoio Oleario Guglielmi Saverio    P.I. 03401970722